The Last Few Days

Just as I did a post recapping my first few days in Copenhagen and the experience I had settling in, I thought I might do one to show what I did during my last few days and what leaving Copenhagen was like.


I got up early and took the train into the city to meet my friend Olivia from my core course. We got coffee from Democratic Coffee, which was quite good. We then realized we both wanted to get Wednesday Snails at Sct. Peder’s Bageri, which are these large cinnamon rolls that are only sold on Wednesdays. I had only gotten them once before and was more than eager to get one again, so we headed over there after finishing our coffees. But because the snails are so popular, they were sold out and won’t have more ready for another hour. So we decided to go to the Christiansborg Palace first then come back.

The entrance to the palace was free. We had to go through a security check, take two elevators and walk up a staircase to get to the observation deck. But once we were there, we were got panoramic views of the city we had grown to love. Everywhere I saw, I had some sort of memory there. There were no bars, unlike the Round Tower, so I was able to get some better photos. We also saw that the royal horses were out.

We then went back to Sgt. Peders, where we had to wait 15 more minutes for the snails to be out of the oven. I saw a few of my friends and classmates there, as we all wanted to get our last snails! But the wait was totally worth it, as they taste even better fresh out of the oven.

I then went over to Studenthuset to finish my European Art essay, which was the only assignment I had left to do. It was tough because I knew was so close to finishing the essay, but I couldn’t grind as hard. Ultimately I finished around 4pm and it was such a great feeling being done with junior year! At the same time though, it really began to sink in that my time in Copenhagen was almost over.

I then went back to Lyngby to get ready for the F.C. Copenhagen game. We then took the bus to the game and found seats together in the back of Section 12, which is the section where all the cheers happen. Just as I did last time, I had a lot of fun, even though it rained again. I tried to follow along with the chants, as some of them were in Danish and some were in English. F.C. Copenhagen won again, which was the cherry on top.


I woke up, ate breakfast, did some packing and worked out in the Basecamp gym one last time. I then took the train to Hellerup where I biked the rest of the way into the city, as I had to return my bike. It was a nice ride, but again, it further solidified the thoughts about leaving.

I then met up with my friend Georgia in the Student Hub and we headed over to Tivoli, where we bought unlimited ride tickets. I’m not a fan of large roller coasters or intense rides, so we went on some of the smaller rides. The old roller coaster that went through a mine was especially fun. It had some short but pretty steep drops!

We were soon joined by our friends Cabery, Carson and Zach. Zach also didn’t like huge rides so we all did some smaller rides together and walked around, explored the gardens and played a game while Cabery, Carson and Georgia did some more intense rides, like the large red roller coaster and the drop ride. My favorite ride I did was one where I got lifted up very high and spun around. The ride wasn’t too intense but I could see all of the city and again just seeing those places brought back so many memories. I screamed “I LOVE YOU COPENHAGEN!” from up top. The funhouse was also a hidden gem in the park, it was like a grown-up playground.

Afterwards, Zach and I went to the food hall and I got some nachos. We then took the train back to Lyngby, where we ordered some pizza for all of us. Some of us in Outdoor Tuesday were leaving the next day, so we were going to hang out and say some goodbyes both tonight and the next day. We stayed up there to watch the sun go down. It was a really nice time, but sad as well. We eventually all moved to the G1 kitchen where I made some brownies for my friends. At one point, we bundled up, moved back to the roof again and had some really nice conversations.


I did some more packing and then went running around Sorgenfri Slotparken that morning, which is a park right by Basecamp. I had never been there before and it was really pretty. There were a lot of trails and bridges and I felt like I was deep in the woods. I also ran through the cemetery that I had seen out my window this entire semester, but had never thoroughly explored. I then ran one last lap around the Basecamp roof.

After that I went into the city and met up with Cabery, Carson, Christian and Zach in the city and we got Durum Bar, which has the best falafel and kebab in Copenhagen, one last time. We then went over to Nyhavn to see it one last time and I bought some souvenirs for myself and my family.

Durum Bar!

Just like we had on one of the first days, we took some photos by Nyhavn. We then went and sat down at one of the restaurants there and I got an Irish Coffee. It started to pour while we were there, but we were under good cover with heat lamps.

After that, we crossed the bridge and went to Broens Gadekøkken, which is a market kind of like Reffen but a little smaller with different kinds of food. There, I got a crepe with strawberry jam. I let Cabery and Zach try a bit and Cabery ended up getting one for herself, as it was so good! We also met up with our friend Jaymin there.

It had been raining on and off that day and I told my friends that I hoped we would see a rainbow. Sure enough, just as we were leaving Broens Gadekøkken, a large rainbow was shining right in front of us. I thought it was the perfect metaphor for how I was feeling. Even though leaving Copenhagen was sad, I would get through it and continue to find happiness when I go home.

We then took one last walk around Christiania. Through learning more about it in my Danish language and culture class, I’ve really appreciated how they have built this community in the middle of this city. I also made sure to get a photo with the statue of the giant.

We then took the train back to Lyngby and met our friends at India Royale, where we had also eaten during our first week here. So everything was coming full circle. And I got Aloo Gobi, which is also what I had gotten when I was there!

When I got back, I took out the trash and recycling and continued to pack. But I had to take a break. For the first time in a while, I was full on bawling my eyes out. I just thought about how much I was going to miss my friends and this city that had become my home. So I played a very sad song, and just let out all my emotions.

Getting a little emotional packing

Letting everything out made me feel a lot better and I soon continued to pack and clean my room. I then went to the kitchen on my floor for one last night with Outdoor Tuesday.

We hung out in the kitchen for a while and talked about the semester and played We’re Not Really Strangers, which we had played at the beginning of the semester, and otherwise just talked about the semester and our plans for afterwards. One by one, our friends went to bed, leaving only me Zach, Cabery and Christian awake. We all just decided to pull an all-nighter and played some Mario Kart.


We met most of our friends from Outdoor Tuesday on the roof and waited inside, as it was still dark, chilly and windy. Eventually, we started to see some brightness behind some of the breaks in the clouds, so we went outside. Soon we could see the sun reflecting on the clouds. Then, just as I was taking a photo, the sun came up!

Just like the rainbow, I thought of the sun poking out of the clouds as a message that I’d still be able to find happiness even after these sad moments.

We then went back to the kitchen and listened to some music. None of us were super emotional, we had more or less just accepted it. Even when we played I’ll Always Remember You from Hannah Montana, we just sat there in silence. One by one, we eventually left to go back to sleep or get our stuff ready. I said my final goodbyes to most of my friends at around 6:15 am. I then finished packing up all my stuff and left the room to take the 7:29 train into the city and then the metro to the airport. My friend Maddie was on the train with me.

Goodbye room!

The airport was super crowded because it was a holiday weekend and a lot of other DIS students were leaving that day so the security lines were long. The security guard let me go through the priority lane though, so it wasn’t too bad for me. Maddie and I got Joe & the Juice before saying goodbye and heading to our flights. I soon boarded my flight to Venice, where I was meeting my family that day, and sat by the window.

I teared up again as I could see Copenhagen out my window rapidly disappearing below the clouds. But like I said in last post, I will try to live in the moment, while cutting myself a little bit of slack to deal with any emotions I have over this big change.

Vi ses Copenhagen!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs. It’s been really fun and meaningful to write them and reflect on my time here.

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